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Ex-engers rip up the Etape Anglais!
2.07.07 by Buffalo Bill

Winston, Rollapaluza supremo, and Don Wiley, ex-SD, ex-Creative, ex-TV Reg put in fantastic rides in the Etape Anglais on Sunday. Run off over the route of Stage 1 of the Tour de France, the Etape is a mass-participation…. oh, you all know what the Etape Anglais is, and if you don’t, you aren’t gonna be interested in this anyway.

It’s a long way, and lots of people ride it. 3 800 finished. Anyway, Don finished 4th overall, and Winston finished 51st. We always thought that Don was a f***ing animal, but this is concrete proof. As for Winston’s ride, well, I am almost more impressed. The farthest he has ridden competitively is probably around 5km. All I can think is that he found a really good wheel to follow. Well done, old Glass Cranks.

I would say ‘chapeau’, but I haven’t got a bad enough french accent to carry off that particular Duffieldism.

Winston’s own report here.

Official BC report here

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