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European Cycle Messenger Championships 2008
5.07.08 by Buffalo Bill

European Cycle Messenger Championships 2008

Eindhoven is pretty close to London. It seems that you can get there by train in under 4 hours, changing in Brussels and Dordrecht, for less than £100 return. There’s FREE camping on the site of the event! There’s a roller race (courtesy of the exengers at Rollapaluza), there’s parties, there’s fixie events, there’s bike polo (courtesy of Fakengers Using Courier Credits In Traffic), there’s a Kattebak, there’s even a Moving Target checkpoint in the main race. Everything, in other words, that one might expect from a top-notch, bang-on, couriertastic messengexcellent event.

So I hope that there will be a swarm, a horde, a plague of London bicycle messengers in Eindhoven on 25th July for the ECMC. I really enjoyed the CMWC in Toronto, but I missed you guys. It wasn’t the same without the London crew.

Register now! (60 Euros before 16th July). Buy a train ticket! Get House of Pistard to print some team shirts! And remember: beer in Holland is really, really cheap.

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