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Eindhoven rocks?
24.07.08 by Buffalo Bill

I guess we are about to find out. Selim and I will be out there from tomorrow, and along with Nhatt, we hope to be able to bring the 2008 European Cycle Messenger Championships to your living room (or a computer screen, whichever is more convenient) via the fabulous interweb.

I guess the first big question that we will be able to bring you the answer to is:

will the Rollapaluza van make it in time for the polo tournament on Friday? A nation of messengers is not holding its breath.

And if you are actually attending the event, don’t forget to come and say hi at the Moving Target checkpoint. You never know, you might even get a cup of jolly old British tea for your pains.

  1. 8 thousand beers on ice and Bill drinks tea,Marvelous!

    — overdrive    28 July 2008, 12:33    #
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