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Effri and Chewy run over by lorries in the same day
4.03.08 by Buffalo Bill

Chewy's bike. Pic: Todd from LondonFGSS

It’s a terrible start to a week that I hoped would be better than the last.

First, we heard the news that a messenger had been killed near Finsbury Square. A morning of phone calls established that he was not dead, merely very seriously injured. His name is Effri, he worked at Destinations, and he is currently in hospital recovering from operations to repair his legs. They were shattered by a lorry.

At the moment I do not have any credible information regarding the nature of the collision that put him down, so I can’t tell you more. I welcome any more information that anyone might have.

Then later on in the day this picture was posted on the London Fixed Gear Forum (thanks Todd), and it was obvious that a lorry was involved. Today the crash victim himself was posting to the MT forum from hospital. Glad to see you are ok, mate. Chewy rode for citysprint.

2 guys under lorries in the same day. Thank god you are both still alive.

People have already been talking about passing the hat to get these guys some money. If anyone wants to do that, MT will support you. Just don’t ask me to look after the money. As soon as I finish this, I will be posting 2 claims on their behalf to the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund.

  1. really good news that neither died.

    really highlights how inappropriate HGVs are to central london though, doesn’t it? :/

    i wish them both a speedy recovery.

    — lurkette    5 March 2008, 10:34    #
  2. Eph does take one or two chances, mainly through riding in a casual manner, though.
    As for the allegation that Eph once laughed at a splattered rider and this was some sort of Karma in repayment…..well, let’s reserve judgement. True, the rider in question was wearing Courier Systems livery at the time, but some might say that was a shade strong. (Obviously I wouldn’t – my views on Courier Systems being well-known.)
    We do need some sort of fund, though. (He said, still temporarily filling-in in an office…coz the person who should be in the office got splattered riding a bike!) I brought this up with the Despatch Association a couple of times a few years back. Not surprisingly, they didn’t feel it was their area of responsibility.

    — Count Basie    10 April 2008, 14:46    #
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