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ECMC qualification
26.07.08 by Buffalo Bill

confused competitor pic: Selimski

Everyone that I spoke to about the organisation and format of the race agreed that the Eindhoven messenger crew have put on one of the best ever organised messenger championships. Fish (ECMC 2001 Race Captain) and Victor (CMWC 1999 Race Captain) are here, and they both said that they had a really good time racing, and enjoyed the course.

get some clothes on, Flip pic: Selimski

The race is in the grounds of the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e for short), and the course is a mixture of street, pavement and alley. The manifest system is fiendishly complicated, and very difficult to cheat. Overdrive had the honour of 1st DQ of the day, another victory for London, and redrum simply gave up, confused beyond all means of recovery by the map and manifest.

Moving Target checkpoint pic: Selimski

In such a situation, the best will rise, and Porno Steve and Jumbo have qualified for the final. Careful readers of Moving Target will remember that they were 2nd and 3rd at the Cycle Messenger World Championships which took place a little while ago in Toronto.

The only black mark in the Eindhoven copy-book was supplied by the ever-popular Haute Courier, who apparently are incapable of either setting or maintaining a wrist-watch. This temporal incompetence led to the qualification heats starting one minute late.

Bad dutchie. Bad.

Thanks to Janky and Sarah C for representing Moving Target in the race. Top work kids!

  1. I wasn’t confused, drinking tea was just a lot more appealing. Cheers Bill!!

    — redrum    29 July 2008, 08:21    #
  2. Yes it’s not as easy as you might think to confuse a London courier!!!!

    — overdrive    29 July 2008, 10:36    #
  3. Eh?

    — westcoastmess    29 July 2008, 19:42    #
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