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ECMC organisers implicated in plot 'to undermine the spirit of the international messenger community'
3.03.09 by Buffalo Bill

This horrifying email has been leaked by a member of the Berlin ECMC committee. The leaker is, no doubt, being tortured even as I write this, probably by being forced to ride a Unipack on rollers whilst watching ‘Quicksilver’. Note the cunning use of misspellings in the text.

—- bregan@ureach.com wrote:

From: “bregan koenigseker”
To: “cremer”
Subject: Re: ecmc registration thitry euros until end of week
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 18:05:01 -0500


as head organizer of our corrupt, possibly criminally-financed bma, and therefore event, i object to your notification that we have extended the 30 euro registration till the end of the week.

i find it is totally at odds with our plan to undermine the spirit of international community which we seek to destroy. not only that, but it forces us to dig deeper into our local community, which of course we despise with equal, or possibly greater malice.

as a precautinary measure, i have fueled the escape pods (sponsored by mcdonalds) and armed the self-destruct mechanism at the airfield.

God (sponsored by coca-cola) be with us.


So the choice is yours: either stay at home, or fund this perfidious scheme by registering for the ECMC.

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  1. or save money and go to Guatemala next year!

    — Joakim    3 March 2009, 09:57    #
  2. haha! im with joakim…save and go to guatemala!!

    j.dot    3 March 2009, 13:08    #
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