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ECMC organisation DQs non-fakenger
4.06.09 by Buffalo Bill

In the wake of the great f*kenger debate surrounding the ECMC 2009 decision to admit non-messengers to the event, which took place last weekend, it has emerged that a messenger/exenger attempted to pass himself off as a ‘fakenger’. Fortunately for all concerned, the organisers unmasked the impostor, and DQed him. However, the organisers have drawn criticism from Cassandra Castillo, curator of the Cyclecourier.org, a message-board for messengers and exengers:

I am saddened by the fact that you decided to exclude Jenz from a status by which he chooses to identify. It’s exactly this type of elitest behavior which works to tear apart the unity in which the cycling community has worked so hard to build.

I myself registered as a fakenger, and, having been a fakenger at one point, feel that I have every right to do so. I’m sure there have been many event champions/participants in the past with fakenger experience and they should not be publicly called out for admitting so. Anyone that has felt the rush of racing a working cyclist over a bridge or through a busy thoroughfare knows that that is one of the indescribeable bonds that brings us together…Does Jenz not sometimes ride a bike without getting paid? Just because I’m a “messenger” five days a week doesn’t mean I don’t ride around Williamsburg on the weekends with tight pants, bag and radio on. Where do we draw the line here? Do I need to provide receipt proof I spent most of the morning drinking coffee and not getting paid? Do we have to take more vacation time just to prove a point? If everyone who had messenger experience was excluded from fakenger status, there would be a lot less people playing polo.

Everyone comes to events to have FUN, it’s about coming together and talking about urban riding. It’s about bonding over how “at one” we feel on our fixies, it’s about BIKE LANES. It’s about barspins and long skids. It’s about getting laid and nerding out about carbon record gruppos. Anyone who disagrees has completely missed the point of a cycling community. I think [many real fakengers] will completely agree with me here. Despite the fact that I’m currently a messenger, I am a fakenger at heart.

On a different note, where can I find a UK British dictionary plug-in for Safari? I am getting pretty sick of seeing those red dots everytime I write ‘organiser’. Grrr.

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  1. There have probably been ex/fakengers at every Worlds since at least Toronto at ’95 (I know I was one)and continues to be so. The third place female in Toronto last year does something else for a living but she puts in extreme effort to achieve her results when the event comes around and has been part of the community for years. The event has always been about FUN but certain alpha-cyclists have needed to insert a serious note to satisfy ego.It’s a pity to try and exclude those who admire and emulate the messengers who graft over the hills and through the weather.Why not see us as more friendly competition rather than exclude us?

    — Tara    4 June 2009, 09:53    #
  2. muhahaha! i think i registered fakenger too just for fun. what a stupid discussion! get a life people! make races that only working messengers can win! dont look at the fucking words but the deeds!
    and fora fact there were many ‘fakengers’ who became fond of our community, started hanging out, having fun with us and became KILLER messengers and organizers! so fuck off with this discussion, or do you want to kill off the community? and berlin, put jenz back on the list this is just too stupid, try to know who your talking about! great event by the way, too bad about the fucking walking, that sucked bad time.

    — fish    4 June 2009, 11:01    #
  3. right click on the word (ctrl+click) and click “learn spelling”

    — papa44    4 June 2009, 11:16    #
  4. Aaah. Cheers.

    — Bill    4 June 2009, 11:24    #
  5. you lost me. i thought i knew what a fakenger was but now i don’t know. btw…who cares if someone raced under the fakenger catergory? i don’t get it. i thought cats were more worried about a non-messenger winning as a messenger? wait…a fakenger? winning as a non-fakenger? wait…a messenger winning as fakenger for a messenger race? wait…this is too confusing…peace.

    j.dot    4 June 2009, 12:41    #
  6. As for Safari on the Mac, it should use the dictionary from the System that supposedly can be adjusted to be BE. (Check Spelling…)

    — El Fakengero    4 June 2009, 20:39    #
  7. the idiots are winning?? nah, the idiots wanna win. they won’t be satisfied until they’ve devoured it all. keep it realenger. for the sake of ‘the community’ ;-)

    — Avid    5 June 2009, 22:38    #
  8. yes, that’s right!!!

    — carl    6 June 2009, 00:26    #
  9. how does this not an issue come up at every race? i remember people discussing it before cmwc in toronto and getting all emotional but at the race just like the organizers told to the ifbma mail list it was not an issue, but at every race we have to have a drama about it that makes every messenger out like an idiot

    — J Keeney    12 June 2009, 19:34    #
  10. it’s only a drama if you take it seriously,i think the Berlin crew are having a bit of fun!

    — overdrive    16 June 2009, 11:07    #
  11. i like flying kites

    — footlong    16 June 2009, 12:55    #
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