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ECMC 2009 results
3.06.09 by Buffalo Bill

ECMC 2009 Main Race Final pic: Akeem

The winners of the main race were:

1. 708 – Stefan ‘Porno’ Fröhlich, Zürich
2. 448 – Martin Brunner, Zürich
3. 001 – Michael Brinkmann, Bremen

=1. 326 – Johanna ‘JoJo’ Reeder, Stockholm
=1. 850 – Nadine Schloss, Frankfurt
3. 507 – Nathalie Wenger, Geneva

All the rest of the results (including the polo) are here. If you want to know how two riders ended up in a dead-heat for 1st place after nearly 4 hours of racing, check this video. I have posted some other pics and stuff to my twitter, worth a look, I reckon.

My congratulations and felicitations to the winners, organisers, volunteers and especially Harry Potter and Bongo the only 2 London riders to make the final.

Mikey Q's broken shoulder

The picture is of Mikey Qboss’ shoulder. As you can see, it’s broken, and he won’t be able to work for at least 4 weeks, possibly longer. As the crash happened out of work, he is NOT eligible for a London Courier Emergency Fund pay-out, so there is a benefit organised for this Friday. Please come along to the Foundry and throw down some cash (you don’t have to race if you don’t want to).

London's Calling 2013, 6th - 8th September
London Courier Emergency Fund End of the World Party this Friday
2012 European Cycle Messenger Championships, Edinburgh, 15th - 17th June
A message from the organisers of London's Calling 2012
EXCLUSIVE: get this shirt at the Donkey Derby, Friday night!
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Speed dating Fri 11th Feb
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Buffalo Bill in Birthday Suit Charity Shoot Coup

  1. Bongo made it to the final too. I think someone else apart of Bongo and Harry were in the final but can’t be sure of it.

    — selim    3 June 2009, 14:53    #
  2. Apologies to Bongo. I guess we’ll have to wait for the full results.

    — Bill    3 June 2009, 15:57    #
  3. From Overdrive over on the forum:

    “The LCEF have donated a box of plain cycling caps with no logo to the fundraising effort for Mikey Qboss who broke his collar bone in Berlin.I’ll be selling them at £3 each in different colours at the Foundry friday(5th).
    Cheers to LCEF.x”

    — Bill    4 June 2009, 14:20    #
  4. Guy from Cyclone did it to the final too. Sorry mate, I can’t remember your name…

    — James Bong    6 June 2009, 04:44    #
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