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ECMC 2009 50 Euro registration until April 16th
3.04.09 by Buffalo Bill

From the ECMC web-site:

“The Bleeding Hearts bike gang of Berlin, inventors of the 30 euro entry fee, have once again interfered with my plan to gouge, demoralize, abuse, and exploit the participants of this years’ big european event by extending the 50 euro entry fee until April 16th.

After April 16th, the price will go up to 60 euros, so get your money to us NOW if you dont want to pay 60 or the full price at the start, which could be 70 euros or more. (its still a good deal at 70 euros, btw)

So, if you are already registered and havent paid, or if you still need to register, DO SO! we are serious about this next deadline!”

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