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ECMC 2007 - Jos 4th, Crazy Dave wins Tricks
3.07.07 by Buffalo Bill

2007 European Cycle Messenger Champion

This report just in from the 2007 European Cycle Messenger Championships, which took place last weekend in Oslo.

‘The hardest course I ever did, it was brutal, man’, says Jos Da Boss, the Beast of the North East, ‘hills, steps, not a fixie course’. Jos, Jumbo (King of Fixed ECMC 2005) and some other Copenhagen fixie rider were in the top 3 for the first 2 1/2 hours and then they all cramped and a guy called Almar (pictured) from Utrecht rolled by them and won. Jos said that the pain from the cramp was so bad that he was rolling on the floor screaming. Lightweight.

your hosts for 2008 - Tom and Vince of the UMCI

Crazy Dave (Josh’s mate from Oz) won the tricks comp. Apparently he was doing wheelies without a front-wheel, crashed and broke his ribs. Nice!

There’s a lot of low-landers braying in some nonsense language here.

Beer was expensiiiiiive! But Jos says it was a nice little event.

ECMC 2008 – Eindhoven – not a pretty city – it rocks
ECMC 2008 is going to be in Eindhoven, home of Tour de Ville, the jokers of the European Messenger scene. They hosted the Dutch Open Messenger Championships, which was attended by just about every single Dutch messenger, more or less. Tom, Tour de Ville boss, is a top bloke, and has been a fixture at Messenger Champs since 97. I vividly remember him and his megaphone from 2002 CMWC. I am sure we will be hearing a lot more about this very soon.

  1. ha. look at the ‘lowlanders braying chatroom’. noticed one comment had the words ‘wingnut’ and ‘pikey’ in the same sentence. a little harsh i think.

    — skot    10 July 2007, 13:25    #
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