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Eastway Victory!
23.05.06 by Buffalo Bill

Perhaps not a victory, as the much-loved and well-used purpose-built East London cycle circuit will be still be demolished to make space for the 2012 London Olympics site. But the Eastway Users Group has managed get their preferred site adopted as the interim location for the activities that will continue whilst the so-called Velopark is built. Hog Hill, in Redbridge, not Rammey Marsh, which is F&uck knows where, will be the interim site. Supposedly the site will open in Spring 2007.
I won’t recap here all the arguments about net loss/gain to the London cycling community. As a Londoner, I am used to the constant change of the face of the city. Change is not always for the better.
I will miss Eastway very much. Like many cycling Londoners, and not a few London bicycle messengers, I had my first competitive cycling experience at Eastway.

preparing for the final of ECMC 2003. Pic: April Sauerwine

Eastway will also have a special place in my heart because it was the main venue for the 2003 European Cycle Messenger Championships. ECMC 2003 required an intense co-operative and voluntary effort by the couriers and messengers of London. Although it was not an unqualified success, it happened, it was good and, best of all, it showed us what could be achieved by working together.
MT will be there when Eastway closes for the last time.

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