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Dunwich Dynamo 2007 28/29 July
15.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

Sleeping on the beach 2005. Pic: Simon English
Summer is here? Sort of. All this cold and dampness might convince you otherwise, but the season of night-rides is upon us.

Much favoured by bicycle messengers and other right-minded London cycling folk, the Dunwich Dynamo starts at the Pub on the Park, and finishes at the beach in Dunwich in Suffolk. The distance is around 180k, perhaps 200k if you get lost in the dark in Essex, which sounds a long way, but after reading my post on The Great Triangle, you should consider this jaunt mere bagatelle. It’s mostly flat and is easily ridden on a moderately geared fixed-wheel. Check out the LondonFG/SS ride over here.

The ‘official’ site of the Dun Run is here. The more useful Southwark Cyclists’ DD FAQ page is here. A superb edition of the Bike Show featuring a ride with the father of the Dunwich Dynamo, Patrick Field, a London cycling legend, is here.


Jon of London’s Calling points out that the Dynamo is the same weekend as the official pre-event of the Cycle Messenger World Championships. So if you’re doing London’s Calling, you won’t make the DD. However, Rolling to the Stones is definitely on, so London’s cycle couriers have at least one night ride on the calendar that doesn’t clash with the biggest London messenger event of the year.

  1. Bill,
    The Bike Show is more than happy to fork out to hire you the Brompton you’ve always dreamt of for the DD this year…

    One of the earliest editions of the Bike Show was a half hour feature on the DD, way back in ’04. Check it, one time

    And here’s the route

    Jack    15 May 2007, 17:48    #
  2. Yeah, on a Brompton, yeah. And you in the trailer, you dead beat.

    — Bill    15 May 2007, 18:33    #
  3. No way man. I’ll be riding my Raleigh Commando, from when I was 10.

    Which, looking back on it, was a kind of militarized non-folding Brompton (I had the camouflage model). But I always wanted a Grifter like the big kids had.

    Jack    16 May 2007, 13:32    #
  4. i had a grifter. it was exceptionally bad.

    — flappy feet    16 May 2007, 19:49    #
  5. How many riders do Rolling to the Stones? Is it open to anyone to come along?

    hippy    20 May 2007, 12:00    #
  6. I had a Raleigh Burner. I must be having a midlife crisis because I’m thinking of getting one off ebay to do up. Must be a Mark 1 or 2 one though.

    I did think Dunwich clashed with the Etape again this year and that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Looks like I can now. Only one question, which bike to ride, the Merckx or the Condor.

    Alex    20 May 2007, 22:55    #
  7. Rolling to the Stones is open to anyone, but I think Daz would prefer that you rode gears. Normally 10 or so riders participate.

    — Bill    21 May 2007, 11:24    #
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