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Dublin CMWC - rain and dental work
5.08.07 by Buffalo Bill

London's only messenger dentist

So which muppet went to the wrong airport? Oh yeah, that’ll be me. Got here in the end, but I missed the sun-shine, and Wayne’s exploits with a leather-man. If you missed it too, and want to see it, here it is.

It started to rain as soon as I got off the ferry, and it hasn’t stopped. The weather didn’t stop Wayne from doing some impromptu dental work though. The victim was a Glaswegian with a rotten wisdom tooth. No matter what level of discomfort, it takes a brave (or drunk) man to let loose a muppet of dubious origin in your oral cavity with stainless steel tools.

However, the patient pronounced himself very satisfied with the standard of dental care purveyed by the Romany Roller. Video will follow.

This is yet another messenger championships first for the London Muppets. Dear reader, you will recall that Wee Scott and Tofu chalked up the first naked alleycat across an international border – now the Muppets have added a new trophy to our already groaning display cabinet. It makes me proud to be an ex-London bicycle messenger.

The main race final is scheduled for today, and it is going to be a wet one. Who has qualified? At this point, I have no idea. Should be fun.

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