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Draft Minutes Open Forum II International Federation of Bicycle Messengers and Associations CMWC 2007
9.08.07 by Buffalo Bill

From Josh Whitesnake of Mess Magazine.

2007 Cycle Messenger World Championships, Dublin, Ireland – Very Official Open Forum Minutes

(Happened at the beach but I wasn’t there. [Others] have already commented [unfavourably] on this part of the day.) Stevie’s comment: “In 2006 the IFBMA made nothing happened. We’re all really upset about that.”

II CMWC 2008 Report ::
Navid gave a very detailed report about the state of CMWC XVI in Toronto, Canada. He had a letter from the mayor, he had details about the race course (on Toronto Island again — don’t miss the last boat at 2330). Apparently there is a nude beach (No towels in the CMWC). A lot of what he had to say can be read on the official site.

Toronto’s bid was voted and unanimously confirmed as host of 2008 CMWC

III CMWC 2009 ::

The only bid to host the 2009 CMWC came from Kao and Sino from Tokyo, Japan. They had a very nice presentation that outlined a history of Japanese bike messengers at the CMWC and recent history of international events in Japan. This past year they formed the TKBMA to prepare for the 2009 bid. They are negotiating possible race courses with the city and building better connections to other messenger communities in Japan.

Tokyo’s bid was voted and unanimously picked as the host of 2009. In Toronto they will have to make a formal presentation at the open forum for confirmation.

IV IFBMA Council Elections ::
Andy from Utrecht, Porno Steve from Zurich, Justin from Calgary in absentia), and Sam Houston(also in absentia) from Toronto stated they would like to continue serving on the IFBMA council. Everyone else who was elected for the 2007 year expressed interest in stepping down or never made any effort to contact anyone for the entire 2007 year.

Asking to be added to the council was Stewy (Philadelphia? Dublin?), Jacob (Boston), Martin Banana (Copenhagen), and Jos (Eindhoven, London).

After having to explain three times how the election takes place, the new IFBMA council was voted in with 3 abstaining from voting and everyone else in favor.

Andy was almost unanimously elected President, with one abstaining.

V IFBMA Account ::

Due to the I(nternational) factor in the IFBMA there has been
difficultly moving funds back and forth across the Atlantic when needed. The decision was made to create another IFBMA bank account, based in Europe, to counterpart the current one in North America.

Also, the decision was made to create under secretaries of treasury, to make sure that the accounts are always accessible, even if the IFBMA member responsible for the account is not accessible.

This was all voted on and passed, with 2 abstaining and none against.


The Bike Messenger Emergency Fund is still up and running, but still requires your help. None of the BMEF board members were present to present, but Stevie read an email from Sam Houston, asking for the community to be more proactive in dealing with the BMEF.

VII Conclusion ::

Paris announced the intention to host a pre-event for the ECMC in Eindhoven, Montreal announced the intention to host a pre-event to the CMWC in Toronto, and Brooklyn announced the intention to host a post-event to CMWC from June 20 – 22, 2008.

I don’t think there was a closing note. It was hot and I was getting too sober to sit there and take any more notes.

Joshua Seth Whitesnake

The website of the International Federation of Bicycle Messengers and Associations is here.

International messenger event listing for 2007 here.

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