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Don't stop at red
6.09.06 by Buffalo Bill

I am still so furious about this share the road b0ll0cks that I am thinking of changing the moving target web address to www.dontstopatred.biz. Childish I know. Grrr!

To make myself feel better, I cancelled my membership of the London Cycling Campaign. I should put a link to their page, but I’m not going to, because I think they suck. Their big idea, the London Cycling Network, a network of X 000 miles of cycle lanes and paths, is a joke, and LCN+, supposedly the new improved version of LCN, is an even bigger joke, because it is smaller, yes, smaller than the original LCN proposal. I happen to think that bike lanes are wrong, and dangerous, but even if you think that marked and seperate lanes are a good idea, where the f&ck are they? I see a lot of paint on the pavement in various places, often incorporating trees and other street-furniture as part of the lane (would motorists be happy if the road had a great big tree in it, or if the signs were actually in the road?) but I don’t see many proper bike lanes, apart from in certain streets in Camden. A bike lane should start from somewhere you want to start from, and go to somewhere you want to go to, not just begin and end wherever is most convenient for the planners. Those ‘CYCLISTS PLEASE DISMOUNT’ are just f&cking insulting. Why the f&ck should I have to dismount just because some berk with an engineering degree can’t be arsed to actually provide a usable cycling facility.

And now they have endorsed share the road. Simon Brammer, the Executive Orificer of the LCC, or whatever is the title of the job is that he is supposed to be doing on behalf of London cyclists, should be made to walk up and down the middle of Wardour Street, stark naked, apart from a sign saying ‘I AM A MUPPET’. Standing up for cyclists rights? More like on their knees brown-nosing Ken. W&nkers. Grrr. Grrr. Grrr.

  1. See, someone is reading your rants!
    Good to find you’re still kicking and not taking it lying down, though they might prefer you that way.

    helmut    29 September 2006, 17:52    #
  2. Sounds like politics alright. Spend just enough time and money to apear to the general public to bedoing to something without actually achiving anything for the people it is supposed to be helping.

    — TheBrick    19 April 2007, 16:12    #
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