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Department of Transport study exonerates 'lycra louts'
16.12.09 by Buffalo Bill

From the Guardian:

Cyclists disobeying stop signal or wearing dark clothing at night rarely cited in collisions causing serious injury. A tiny proportion of accidents involving cyclists are caused by riders jumping red lights or stop signs, or failing to wear high-visibility clothing and use lights, a government-commissioned study has discovered. The findings appear to contradict a spate of recent reports speculating that risky behaviour by riders, such as listening to music players while cycling, could be behind a near 20% rise in cyclist deaths and serious injuries in the second quarter of this year.

The study, carried out for the Department for Transport, found that in 2% of cases where cyclists were seriously injured in collisions with other road users police said that the rider disobeying a stop sign or traffic light was a likely contributing factor. Wearing dark clothing at night was seen as a potential cause in about 2.5% of cases, and failure to use lights was mentioned 2% of the time. The figures were slightly higher when the cyclist was killed, but in such cases only the driver’s account is available.

Haven’t read the full studies on which this Guardian report is based, but Jack Thurston of the Bike Show has downloaded them, so either myself or him (more likely Jack, I would think) will repost them shortly.

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  1. Here’s the report:


    And there’s few other relevant reports here:


    Jack Thurston    16 December 2009, 12:35    #
  2. More on road deaths, an interactive map of ten years of same at the BBC:


    — Michael    16 December 2009, 12:56    #
  3. Or the rise in cyclists on the roads.

    — michael toivonen    16 December 2009, 22:42    #
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