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Death by HGV: questions in the House
28.04.07 by Buffalo Bill

After a week in which the dangers of negligent HGV drivers were high-lighted, the red light red herring notwithstanding, the matter has finally started to percolate upwards to the national level. Which can only be a good thing, because Ken Livingstone, the cyclist-hating Mayor of London has not done, and is not going to do, anything substantive to reduce the number the number of cyclists killed in London by HGVs (lorries).

The Secretary of State for Transport the Rt Hon Douglas Alexander was to be asked what steps he is taking to reduce the disproportionately high number of cycling fatalities involving heavy goods vehicles. Emily Thornberry MP had been due to ask a question during Transport Questions on April 17th, according to Cycling Weekly. However, having looked at Hansard’s official record for that date I find no record of the question being asked. I can only assume that too much time was taken up with questions about bikes on trains.

spot the cabbie!

Now the following question has been tabled:
‘Mr Lee Scott (Ilford North): To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, how many (a) male and (b) female cyclists have been killed in accidents involving heavy goods vehicles in the last three years for which figures are available.’

OK, Lee Scott MP is a Tory, and pro-London taxi, according to Dial-a-cab’s web-site, which is not surprising. Most of his constituents probably are Blue Book boys. However, he is member of the House of Commons Transport Select Committee, so he perhaps might have a passing acquaintance with the facts. But at least the topic is on the national agenda now.


I wrote to Lee Scott MP this morning, asking if he could let me know what happens with the question. He was kind enough to reply within hours, confirming that his office would forward any reply immediately. Thanks very much indeed, Mr Scott.

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