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DC courier makes $25 in a day
15.09.09 by Buffalo Bill

My old mate Andy Zalan is quoted in the Washington Post:

The number of full-time couriers in Washington has fallen from a high of about 400 in the 1990s to about 150, said Andy Zalan, a longtime bike messenger and head of the D.C. Bicycle Couriers Association.

“Those of us left are making a lot less money,” Zalan said. “This last week, I set a personal best for futility: I sat out here for seven hours and made $25.”

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  1. Andy’s comment on this article (from an email to the messengers list):

    ‘the article was all right, i guess. could’ve been way worse. wish he would’ve touched more on the unfair and abusive nature of the industry. how our declining income is not only due to technological advances, but also from how companies in the states use every legal loophole to avoid having to actually employ us. and dude, i almost never say dude. dude.’

    — Bill    16 September 2009, 09:39    #
  2. seek.co.uk

    — berkenstock    16 September 2009, 11:07    #
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