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Daily Mail attacks cyclists, Jenny Jones says write to your MLA
10.11.09 by Buffalo Bill

As the CTC said yesterday ‘it must be Monday morning as the Daily Mail is talking about cyclists jumping red lights’. The Mail’s story picks up on various comments made about ‘lycra louts’ dressed like ‘Darth Vader’ by parliamentarians. The ‘story’ is over here.

The Mail is well known for printing lies, and representing those lies as the truth. For instance, they were forced to pay £350 000 to Brian Paddick after printing lies about him. They routinely print fabrications about ‘loonie lefties’ and ‘political correctness gone mad’, for instance that Labour-run London councils had branded ‘man-holes’ as sexist, the nursery rhyme ‘baa-baa black sheep’ racist and in 2001 they totally falsely accused an old acquaintance of mine, exenger Mark Covell (aka Sky), of organising the Genoa G8 riots.1

So, whilst it is less than totally helpful that the Mail has tried to characterise cyclists as major threat to public safety, it is not a total surprise, although one fails to see what possible value there could be in such a stance, not withstanding the fact that it is totally without foundation. After all, the two of the best known non-sporting cyclists in the country are ‘Nice’ Dave Cameron and Boris Johnson, who are the most prominent members of the Tory party (as well as being well-known for their disregard for the traffic laws whilst riding their bikes). So it can only be simple, malicious, anti-cycling animus, not a part of an attack on the ‘liberal consensus’.

The real picture of road danger to pedestrians (which seems to be what is being raised here) is more than adequately painted by the statistics for 2008:

Cyclists: 237 crashes with pedestrians, 1 killed & 51 seriously injured.
Cars: 21,858 crashes with pedestrians, 332 killed & 4,570 seriously injured.

Meanwhile, I wrote to London Assembly Member, Jenny Jones, who sits on the Metropolitan Police Authority, and is a critic of the Mayor of London’s decision to cut funding to the Commercial Vehicle Education Unit, asking her what could be done to reverse the decision. Her reply is below:

Emailing all AM’s [Members of the London Assembly] might help, also the Mayor, also TfL who has withdrawn the funding, also the Met who have said ‘right, we won’t do it either’. Really hope we can reverse this stupid decision.

So more letters and emails, please.

1 see ‘Flat Earth News’, Nick Davies, p 387 – 9.

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  1. I wish these loony car-****ing **** wits would **** the **** off

    — Lee    10 November 2009, 08:29    #
  2. nice bit of chip on the shoulder journalism

    JoAnne Good    10 November 2009, 19:08    #
  3. Actually, I thought the Darth Vader analogy was cool.

    — sideshow    10 November 2009, 21:18    #
  4. Meh, the Mail is trolling you.

    courier-pages    9 February 2011, 16:36    #
  5. Meh, you are spamming us.

    — Bill    9 February 2011, 20:01    #
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