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Lorry kills cyclist in Clerkenwell
26.11.05 by Buffalo Bill

The roads have been shut whilst the traffic police collect evidence - pic: Caspar

Harriet Tory was killed at 0715, 18th November, by a collision with a yellow tipper lorry, reg mark EU54 WWM, at the junction of Clerkenwell Road and St John Street. According to Metro riders, outside whose office the tragedy happened, the lorry was westbound on Clerkenwell and made a left turn south onto St John Street.

Left turning lorries kill more cyclists in London than any other manoeuvre by any category of vehicle. Evidence from court cases brought against the drivers of left-turning lorries that have killed cyclists shows that they do not look in their mirrors before turning, and in some cases do not signal either. Watch out for them, because they will not be watching out for you!

The police spent several hours collecting data on the crash site, during which time the junction remained closed to all traffic.

enough to reduce grown men to tears

The Islington Gazette has a few more details, but there is no word on whether the police will be taking further action yet.

Many floral tributes, mostly from people unknown to the victim before her death, have been attached to street furniture near the site of the crash. These are the kind of memorials that the Dept of Transport refuses to sanction, apparently because they fear that they will distract drivers and cause more accidents.

~Read more about the LBMA’s ongoing campaign to reduce the number of London cyclists killed and seriously injured by lorries (aka Heavy Goods Vehicles) here ~

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