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Cyclist killed by lorry/HGV East Dulwich, London, April 5th 2007
24.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

It has been reported by breakingaway, one of the regular readers of this site that [on] April 5th in morning a local east dulwich man Stephen was killed by a lorry while cycling to work on dog kennel hill.

I can find no other reports at present, and would welcome any more information. MT offers its deepest condolences to family and friends.

If confirmed, this would be the 5th London cyclist to have been killed in 2007 by a lorry/hgv. See here for more details.

In the year to June 2006, 9 London cyclists were killed by lorries/HGVs.

  1. No details online, but the accident happened at the foot of Dog Kennel Hill, by the Edgar Kail Way junction.

    This is a notoriusly difficult right turn for cyclists. Dog Kennel Hill has a pretty steep decline. It’s asking some to make a controlled descent in the left hand lane, and then be able to brake, look, and signal for a right turn.

    Not good.

    onionbagblogger    24 May 2007, 22:04    #
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