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Cyclist killed by lorry Notting Hill Gate 5th February 2009
10.02.09 by Buffalo Bill

Once again, I would have posted something about this, but I was away. I am sure that most people have already heard about this; the dead girl is (was) Eilidh, who was known to people over at the London FGSS forum. According to her boyfriend “she was riding the bike she loved on the route she takes to work everyday.”

So another year, and the first second (see comment #1) London cyclist (that I know of) of 2009 to have died as the result of a collision with an HGV/LGV/lorry. This despite the efforts of the cycling community, the Police and certain sections of the freight transport business to raise awareness of the deadly threat from lorries to cyclists.

The Met Police’s Traffic Unit recently staged another hgv/cyclist awareness day, of the sort that they have been organising since 2007. In the press release that I received from the Met, there is the following statement: “last year 13 cyclists died on London’s roads, nine of those in collisions with a lorry.”

The numbers of London cyclists killed is falling every year, from 19 in 2006, to 15 in 2007, to 13 last year. But in 2007 7 London cyclists were killed by collisions with lorries, so the number and percentage of lorry-related cyclist fatalities are going up.

There’s a collection and dedication page over at London FGSS. Please do take the time to contribute.

  1. Unfortunately not the first tragic death of 2009:
    link to item on londonfgss.com

    — d_c    10 February 2009, 23:54    #
  2. Not again.

    Too sad for words.

    — lee    12 February 2009, 22:13    #
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