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Cyclist killed by collision with Tesco lorry in Brixton
6.12.07 by Buffalo Bill

Selim reports that the crash happened tonight sometime before 8pm at the junction of Brixton Hill and Christchurch Road. He’s not sure what the exact circumstances are, but the cyclist is dead. I am sure you will join me in offering deepest sympathies.

It’s a miserable night for cyclists, and a horrible way to die.

According to the Wimbledon Guardian, the cyclist was female, and the articulated lorry was turning. In 2007, it has been my unfortunate duty to report the deaths of 6 London cyclists, all killed by collisions with lorries. Of those 6, at least 3 were killed by turning lorries.

If the final total is 6, then that would an improvement on the last period for which the total number of London cyclists killed by collisions with LGV/HGV/lorries are available, 2006/7, when the number was 9. However, given that conventional media reporting of road crash deaths is patchy, and MT readers are not everywhere, it seems likely that the total will be greater than 6.

For more on the continuing problem of London cyclists killed by HGV LGV lorries, see contents tab at the top of this page.

  1. I went through just after this happened, at around 7.45. Feeling really gutted. My thoughts are with the family and friends of this poor cyclist.

    — Matt W    6 December 2007, 22:11    #
  2. I went past about 11pm and there were still lots of police at the scene. So very very sad.

    Take care everyone.

    — johnny h    7 December 2007, 09:58    #
  3. be careful out there folks, and stay the fuck away from big vehicles.

    messenger of doom    7 December 2007, 10:19    #
  4. The cyclist was a friend of mine: Kate, one of the loveliest, gentlest, cleverest people you could wish to know. When she didn’t arrive home, her partner went looking for her, and found the scene of the accident. Kate leaves a 14 year-old daughter, and a load of devastated, numb friends who know how special she was.

    — weemacgreegor    8 December 2007, 08:14    #
  5. oh man. deep, deep sighs. so sad.

    — lurkette    8 December 2007, 15:05    #
  6. I too drove through this after it had just happened and my heart sank with what I saw – truly awful…it doesn’t come close to how I imagine those close to her be feeling. My heart goes out to all her loved ones.

    — anon    16 December 2007, 19:24    #
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