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Cyclist killed by collision with cement lorry, Old Street
9.04.09 by Buffalo Bill

The incident took place less 200 metres from where Harriet Tory was killed by a left-turning lorry in 2005. According to these reports, and what I can glean from BBC London traffic reports, the lorry was turning left from Old Street into Aldersgate Street, and the female victim died at the scene. But these are unconfirmed reports.

If confirmed, this would be the 3rd cyclist to have been killed in London by a lorry so far in 2009.

Updated: Just reading a report that another female cyclist was killed yesterday on Elephant and Castle roundabout yesterday. The other vehicle was a flat-bed articulated lorry. That would make 4 London cyclists killed by collisions with heavy goods vehicles (also known as large goods vehicles or HGV/LGVs) so far in 2009, 3 of whom were female.

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  1. We are just 100 or so metres from there,everyone coming into work today was talking about it.All sympathies to family and friends of the cyclist.

    — overdrive    9 April 2009, 12:05    #
  2. I walked by there this morning just after the accident, it looked terrible, we must improve the chances for cyclists on london roads! I gave up cycling several years ago as a result of having two accidents in one week, luckily escaping with minor injuries.
    I hope this accident gets lots of publicity. There is a definite problem with road use policy which needs urgent addressing. I long to cycle again, but currently the risks are too high!

    — mark    9 April 2009, 13:45    #
  3. I can understand you getting the fear about riding again, but if risk is your deciding factor, you’d better think about opting out of some other stuff:

    2005 – % of road casualties in UK

    Car Occupants – 52
    Pedestrians – 21
    Motorcyclists – 18
    Cyclists – 5
    Bus/Coach/Goods Vehicle/Other – 4

    — BringMeMyFix    9 April 2009, 19:02    #
  4. Those statistics are pretty meaningless without giving the total number of journeys made by each mode of transport.

    For instance, I could present the table like this –

    2005 – % of road casualties in UK

    Car Occupants – 52
    Pedestrians – 21
    Motorcyclists – 18
    Cyclists – 5
    Bus/Coach/Goods Vehicle/Other – 4
    Hopping in the outside lane of a motorway – 0

    That shouldn’t tell us that hopping down a motorway is a particularly safe way of getting about.

    — Mark T1979    10 April 2009, 13:35    #
  5. I suppose my point is that cycling is incorrectly perceived as an inherently dangerous activity, and this is one of the , er, driving forces in the UK’s anti-cycling policy making.

    Irrespective of total journeys made by each category, it would seem that driving remains a very dangerous activity – the speeds involved must be negating all those much-hyped safety devices – and the public are steered towards a zombiefied mentality in order to keep them clocking up the automotive miles without freaking out about the risks involved.

    — BringMeMyFix    10 April 2009, 20:12    #
  6. Well, yes, I would agree, in the sense that most people have a ridiculously exaggerated sense of how dangerous it is to cycle on the roads.

    That is why so few parents allow their children to cycle to school, and why a school has recently banned children from cycling to classes (because it is, apparently, ‘too dangerous’).

    So I am wary about painting cycling as more hazardous than it is – particularly as the more cyclists there are on the road, the less dangerous it becomes.

    But obviously there’s another side to the coin – I don’t want legitimate safety concerns about cycling on the road (the distance and speed that drivers pass at, their awareness of cyclists, etc) to be forgotten about.

    In short, let’s look at the statistics as they are. If cyclists are being killed, let’s look at why. But we can simultaneously stress that it’s not that dangerous either.

    — Mark T1979    10 April 2009, 21:49    #
  7. Having cycled in and around central london for 20 years (retired as an active courier in 1995)I have seen the massive rise in cycling that has taken place recently. However I am getting more and more concerned as to the level of competency of some new cyclists who do amongst other things the following :-
    a) Never ever look behind them before pulling out to turn right.
    b) Whilst we all undertake at times (I do) a tipper truck/lorry etc should really be given extra room as they all appear to be driven by boy racers.

    When I was at school we had the cycling proficiency test and new learner motorcyclists have to do the CBT so why not encourage bike shops to offer only on a voluntary basis some training. In the long term it will be better for us all

    — nick    16 April 2009, 10:19    #
  8. Nearly all central London councils offer free cycle training to residents.

    Bill    16 April 2009, 10:24    #
  9. I was run over by a truck in 2006,whilst cycling to work which left me with serious life-threatening injuries. I have been physically disabled ever since. Every time I hear about a cyclist being killed on the road or seriously injured, my heart goes out to their family and friends, they will be suffering because of the negligence of some one driving a lethal weapon. But will this issue ever be taken seriously? As nothing seems to have changed, there are still fatalities and also people being left seriously injured and/or disabled. Does anyone know where to get statistics on cyclists who have been seriously injured as a result of road traffic collisions or accidents?

    — Sandeey    22 April 2009, 17:26    #
  10. Try this

    — Bill    23 April 2009, 05:25    #
  11. This link to the on-line diary of the paramedics who attended what looks like the Old Street incident (it’s not clear in the text) was posted on another site.
    It looks as though she got very good care, but there was nothing they could do for her.

    — Alex Ball    24 April 2009, 10:46    #
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