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Cycling Weekly Fakenger team at Rapha Roller Race
6.02.07 by Buffalo Bill

Nelly in Alleycat action.  Pic: Ania Perkowska

Following the withdrawal of the banker’s team from the Rapha Roller Race (obviously those cats are too fat), Cycling Weekly has begged to be allowed to enter a team of ringers, sorry, journalists. Amongst their number is the messenger formerly known as Nelly, a multi-alleycat winner and double Rollapaluza semi-finalist.

Which begs the question: is he a ringer or just a fakenger?

I guess the (possibly shocking) truth will be revealed on Saturday.

The full line-up is:

Steve Calland
Mike Hawkins
Simon Richardson
Sir Nellington Webster

I think I am right in saying that Mike Hawkins is the Shopping Columnist and Simon Richardson is the TV listings editor. Or maybe I just made that up. I can’t remember. Steve Calland is definitely a ringer; he clearly goes out on training rides and probably shaves his legs too.

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