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Cycling Weakly - Journalists sand-bag the Rapha Roller Race
11.02.07 by Buffalo Bill

Simon Richardson. pic Ben Brown

A fine evening of spin-magic hosted by Rapha and the Rollapaluza crew at Shoreditch Town Hall last night crowned the Cycling Weekly team, and Cadence King Simon Richardson, in the culture clash team competition. As if they didn’t have enough free stuff already. Mikey, King of the Metro Muppets, collected the swag for third place.

Therese Bjorn wins the final. Pic Ben Brown

The male messenger team finished in last place. Last place. Dead F*cking Last. You donkeys. Fortunately the girl messenger team, Therese, Tanya, Scarlett and Nhatt salvaged London messenger honour and saw off the challenge of the Firefly females in the female section. Therese also triumphed in the individual competition, winning the final by a large margin.

Simon wins the Open Competition
The Have-a-go Open Competition was won by Simon of Putney Cycles, with Mark Denton second and James Leach of Twickenham C.C. third.

I would post full results here and now, but I left my damn clip-board at the venue, so I can’t.

Thanks to all who helped, especially Chang and Nasty who strapped up 50 races, and all the marshalls who worked long hours in exchange for 2 beers and a t-shirt. Most worthy of mention is Kaspar. At least he would be, only he got beat in the first round. You donkey. And don’t think that all the talk about how you got beat by the eventual winner gets you off the hook.

A very special mention to Craig Nasty, who, unable to locate his digs for the night, spent several hours under a bush trying to sleep.

The British Cycling web-site is carrying a report. I think this is the first time that BC has even deigned to acknowledge that messenger racing exists. I never thought I would see the day…

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