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26.09.08 by Buffalo Bill

After the events of the last week, in which 3 cyclists were injured by collisions with lorries/HGV/LGVs, two fatally, some right-minded people have decided that they want to do more. And created this web-site to carry information about the continuing problem of London cyclists being critically injured by lorries.

It’s over here. You can find an awareness raising leaflet, and various other stuff. Some people (myself included) will be down at Critical Mass tonight handing stuff out. If you are up for it, meet us in the stone circle (no, not that one).

  1. This morning I’ve seen an accident in Cable Street East London where a women was run over by a lorrie. A policewoman said she wasn’t a cyclist. I am really shaken by the fact that a lorry was involved in an accident again!

    I think that we should do something at tonight’s Critical Mass to pay tribute to this people. Maybe we cycle to Upper Thames street to the spot where cyclist was killed last week (I remember going to West Kensington few years ago when another person was killed by a 4X4)?

    I will send an email to my MP now as well.

    — Brani    26 September 2008, 09:31    #
  2. As a HGV driver and cyclist/pedestrian, I wouldn’t go within 6ft of any HGV unless I have made eye contact with the driver first. Its basics people, wise up, machines are dangerous! Always prepare for the unexpected and never assume anything whilst dealing with vehicles.

    — Mike    30 September 2008, 18:50    #
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