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Cycle courier in the Observer
14.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

‘Brazilian Cycle Courier’ Alexander Garo Hagopian got himself a two-page spread in the magazine section. He’s the featured person in the ‘This Much I Know’ regular. I don’t recognise the guy, but he seems like a nice boy.

According to the blurb, he gave up a modelling contract in Milan to become a London bicycle messenger. He mentions the Palladium steps, and the courier community. He also speaks of his friend that was killed 3 years ago by a left-turning lorry. That is Sebastian Lukomski, the last of seven London bicycle messengers known to have been killed by lorries whilst working.

Fair play to the guy, he doesn’t come off too boastful, or too crazy. I think he may regret his comparison of Brazilian and English girls, which is sure to leave both spitting feathers.

  1. Yeah. Stephen told me he wanted to interview a “non-white” courier. Specifically brazilian, although at one point he told me his ideal messenger was “non-white, non-British, non-male (optional!), unique personality, passionate
    about all things cycle courier.”. No idea where he found this guy though.

    — eggpie    14 May 2007, 21:04    #
  2. well that was a very nice thing to say about my ex flat mate and also friend of all of us…but i told very nice things to stephen and he exageratte saying about girls i didn t let them to photography me whith the corrier bag bec looks cheap and i also do modeling in london, so he wants to fucky me up a bit bec of that ….i fell drepress after bec the obsever was not very nice whith my reputation…i also have intersection cover holding a bike plus another cover in london, i also do modeling in london.i told stephen alot of nice things and he was not very nice in his words …not very happy about…thanks alexandre garo hagopian

    alexandre garo hagopian    4 July 2007, 01:09    #
  3. Alexandre,

    nice to hear from you. Journalist mis-quoted you? I am not surprised.

    — Bill    4 July 2007, 08:06    #
  4. well we always learning is this life specially when you wanna do faver for people … alexandre garo from new york

    — alexandre garo hagopian    27 February 2008, 09:10    #
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