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Crossrail spoils plan to reduce lorry numbers
8.04.09 by Buffalo Bill

From the Contract Journal, which is the ‘site for construction news’, comes this story, which shows how difficult it can be for people with innovative ideas, which, in this case, would reduce pollution (air and noise), congestion and road danger at a stroke, to get them enacted. Instead of carrying the spoil from the tunnelling that will be required for Crossrail up to the surface to a fleet of lorries, why not keep it underground?

“It makes much more sense to use the network of disused Royal Mail tunnels to convey the the tunnelling waste away below the streets of London. The old mail tunnels happen to run very close to the big station sites at Bond Street, Farringdon and Tottenham Court Road”, [says Tony Berkeley, chairman of the Rail Freight Group].

“It wouldn’t take much extra tunnelling to link up the sites and then run converyors or small spoil trains along the former mail train tracks.”

He added: “How do you put a price on the cost of running 200 lorries a day through the already congested streets of London.”

It is understood the option to reopen the mail tunnels was considered by Crossrail but was rejected in favour of shifting muck by lorry.

Spotted via the London Reconnections blog.

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