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Critical Mass London March 2007
1.04.07 by Buffalo Bill

Pentonville Road - safe for soft vehicles

So I went along to Critical Mass for the first time in 2 years. I had attended most of the CMs in the first couple of years, but kind of lost interest.

Now that the police are trying to stop Critical Mass from happening, I find myself obligated to attend. And also I wanted to use CM as a way of paying my respects to the two London cyclists recently killed by HGVs. In the event, the police were more than helpful, and let the Mass block the junction where Madeleine Wright was killed for at least 5 minutes.

The vibes were good. I bumped into some old friends, including Patrick Field, legendary London cycle activist, educator and hard-rider. I also saw Jenny Jones, Green Member of the London Assembly. And some messengers.

Next month is the 13th anniversary of the first London Critical Mass. See you there.

More photos of London Critical Mass March 2007 here

A pretty good video news report on Critical Mass, featuring Mar 2007 CM is here

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