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Creative Couriers win Smithfield Messenger race
24.06.07 by Buffalo Bill

Scott, Sarah-Jane and Michael take the applause
In a race hit by organisational obstacles (principally that the key organiser was knocked out by a D-lock moments before the marshall’s briefing) and a torrential down-pour that left the last leg riders surfing around Smithfield, the Creative Couriers team triumphed.

It rained! pic: Bravo 99

Despite the apathy of the London courier business towards the event, in yet another example of the vision and perspicacity of the guys that run London’s biggest and ‘best’ courier companies, 5 teams of messengers were on the line. The only ‘official’ despatch company team was the Creative Couriers team of Wee Scott Nelson, Micheal Maclean, Little Jon and Sarah-Jane. The other teams were Messenguerilla, Hell on Wheels, Rollapaluza and BMS Manchester.

messenguerilla in action pic: Blech

So it could be seen as well deserved that the Creative Couriers team scooped the top prize. Was the courier race a success? Given that it nearly didn’t happen at all, yes. Was it an unqualified success? No. If it hadn’t been for the rain, it would have totally died on its arse as a spectacle. Next time, if there is a next time, something different, I think.

Many thanks to the organisers, and to the marshalls, for helping the cream of London’s bicycle messengers show off in front of a large crowd.

Targetbot’s Nocturne pics.

More reports on the event on the Londoncyclesport.com site.

Bravo 99 pics.

Blech’s Flickr pics.

Badbean’s pics.

More Smithfield messenger race pics.

  1. That race confused the heck out of me. I guess it must have been difficult for you, Bill, to be organising and trying to explain at the same time. What happened with James being laid out with a D-lock? I heard he’d gone to A&E and saw him later with a big old bump on his head.

    Congrats to Creative. Wee Scott must have been shagged after doing the 2/3/4 support race and then the courier one. Bloody great course to race on mind.

    Alex    24 June 2007, 22:12    #
  2. While I don’t belive it was ‘a fix’ like the other teams have accussed.. isn’t that a little too blatant an advert for creative bill ? (I’m kidding…) Anyways whatever it was fun to watch though can someone please give michael a shirt that fits him for once?

    — twitch    25 June 2007, 09:08    #
  3. do creative now have Pacers as their main sponsor? mmmm how i love the minty sweetness of their packages.

    — footlong    25 June 2007, 10:10    #
  4. Creative have supported courier-racing more than any other company ….so good for them…I’m sure they actually did win….though Scott’s “the signatures washed off in the rain” did sound suspect!

    Winston    25 June 2007, 10:29    #
  5. hey winston, i’m just popping out for a coffee, fancy one?

    — skot    25 June 2007, 10:36    #
  6. so let me get this straight…a race on traffic free roads, in a tiny little area with 20 occupants decided the fastest company in london, i definately thinking about changing companies now!!! i wish i could work for a fast company.(a load of shite)

    im not disputing whether or not creative are a quality company (i know they are). but seriously this race was a pile of shite.

    though well done to creative.

    “bill, why do creative deserve it? is it because they (the company not riders) paid for it, or simply because they were most involved?”

    fastest company, fastest messenger, shite!


    — redrum    25 June 2007, 11:38    #
  7. It was a miricle that the courier race actually ran at all. The last thing we should be concerned about is some ‘conspiracy’ by Creative. They were the only LONDON company to enter a team.

    — caspar    25 June 2007, 11:38    #
  8. All the London courier companies had the chance to enter a team – the only courier co to do so was Creative. The fastest team won. Does that mean the Creative are the best company in London? Or the fastest? No, it means they won a race for couriers in London.

    — Bill    25 June 2007, 12:43    #
  9. Scotts methods were very dodgy, there were three of us together in the race for quite a while on the same checkpoints and then suddenly his route was totally different,like straight to the finish when me and Marco had 4 checkpoints left.. The race was chaos so maybe that was legitimate, for me it was cr*p cos we had a good race going on which he avoided. I don’t think it was a conspiracy but I do wonder if me or Marco would have got away with it?

    — Josh    25 June 2007, 12:50    #
  10. James and the D-lock:

    James was scurrying to and fro in the rider’s enclosure trying to assemble the marshalls and materials for the messenger race, whilst answering 50 questions a minute on his phone, radio and in person. Jos is loosening up for the race by swing his d-lock in circles. James walks forward whilst looking the other way…

    ...and that’s how I came to be organising…

    — Bill    25 June 2007, 12:53    #
  11. Bloody pedestrians

    — Josh    25 June 2007, 12:55    #
  12. To be honest, I have no idea if Scott was ‘cheating’. For all I know, you were all ‘cheating’. There was no way I could control anything, apart from the hand-overs. You all could even have forged the checkpoint signatures. Perhaps you all did. I don’t know.
    I did see this: Hell on Wheels were well in the lead at the end of the 3rd leg, but finished 3rd. Rollapaluza were 4th at the end of the 3rd leg and finished 4th.

    Is it that important? Like I said before, it was a race for couriers in London. Held under trying circumstances. You all did brilliantly to even finish the race, given the rain, and the fact the race itself was so disorganised. Thanks to everyone that raced, you were brilliant.

    — Bill    25 June 2007, 13:12    #
  13. Even me?

    — caspar    25 June 2007, 13:19    #
  14. Things could have been a lot different…

    — Zak Speedfast    25 June 2007, 13:20    #
  15. you all lost on a technicality: i would have won had i entered. however i would have got my white rapha shoes and hot pants dirty due to the rain so i stayed at home and read the guardian instead.

    — flappy feet    25 June 2007, 14:20    #
  16. I watched the courier race with great interest but didn’t have the foggiest what was going on. The wife actually thought they were riding off to sw11 etc, hehe.

    Longest skid, ghosties and trackstands next time I reckon, plus who can do the most damage to a cab/vintage rapha vehicle with one hit of their d-lock would be cool.

    — _muppetbot    25 June 2007, 14:45    #
  17. if I hadn’t missed a checkpoint and done an extra lap you mean?

    Winston    25 June 2007, 14:48    #
  18. best pic so far:


    Winston    26 June 2007, 09:08    #
  19. A few more pics here:


    Sadly didn’t get to see you lot.

    onionbagblogger    26 June 2007, 20:42    #
  20. Yeah -thanks for turning up y’all. Sorry for the confusion. Will everybody make sure that Jos doesn’t warm up his shoulders swinging a u-lock around next time?
    With regards to next time, -we should bring our own stewards along I think so that nobody gets insulted. People with thicker skin.

    — Therese    27 June 2007, 11:20    #
  21. see Ross crash ride into a barrier ho ho ! :


    Winston    27 June 2007, 16:17    #
  22. Some pics here too


    — gacetillero    27 June 2007, 19:11    #
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