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Courier teams for Rapha Roller Race announced
31.01.07 by Buffalo Bill

The courier teams for the Rapha Roller Race have been announced. The 4 best times posted at Rollapaluza VII have been selected plus one reserve.

Kaspar von MetroKontrollar
Mike ‘Mekon’ Boyd
Angus ‘Bingo’ Cole


The male messenger line-up is very very strong indeed. Kaspar is a former Rollapaluza record holder and won Rollapaluza III. Mike is a multiple Alleycat winner and reached the final of Rollapaluza II. Bingo is the only possible weak link. Even Gerti has some pedigree although 18 years hard riding on the streets of London isn’t necessarily ideal preparation for the unique challenge of roller-racing. Even without Jos Da Boss, Beast of the North East, apparently turned from red-hot Alleycat into supine pussy-cat, this will be a hard team to beat. It’s a damn shame that we can’t have Bingo and Bongo in the same line-up, but who knows? Perhaps Kaspar will bottle out too.

Therese Bjorn


The overall palmares of the female courier team may not be as strong in depth as the boys but in Therese Bjorn they can boast the 2002 European Cycle Messenger Champion, 2003 London Cycle Messenger Champion, a two time roller-race winner and the current holder of both Rollapaluza and South London Roller Race League records. Tanya is veteran of the streets of London and New York and Scarlett is a seasoned London messenger. Roxy may be a novice, but she showed spirit and promise in her first Rollapaluza.

  1. Anyone got a picture of Scarlett we can add to the montage?

    — Bill    1 February 2007, 11:50    #
  2. Gertie can race, I’m out.

    — Jos    1 February 2007, 13:55    #
  3. Mark Denton is coming to help out. He is great & is quite something on the rollers. He won the senior title at the south London roller race league

    — Therese    1 February 2007, 22:33    #
  4. when will Lima stop gettin run over????!!!!!!

    — m    24 March 2007, 18:26    #
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