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Courier nicked for trying to pick up a parcel
25.08.09 by Buffalo Bill

A cash job is nice, right? Not if you end up in the back of a van in hand-cuffs, it’s not. I twittered this yesterday, but if you missed it, check Wayne’s tale of woe, over at House of Pistard.

  1. I think he was messing with their “intelligence work” as a coppers.

    — Xmessenger    27 August 2009, 15:11    #
  2. hahaha that story was hilarious! it just feeds my hunger to want to be a bike courier even more! fuck night shifts at shitty sainsburys! if anyone can give me any information into how i become one please email me, also as well im a last year university student so i want to know is it possible to work part time, im almost completely uneducated about couriers. any help would be appreciated. Alsoone last thing. I’m dying to buy a road/race bike, but everytime i see someone on them ride by, tey look like they’re struggling whereas anyone on a normal(hybrid, mountain, basically bikes with striaght handle bars) seem to get by with ease. i thought race bikes are suppose to be lighter, hence easier?

    — Luther    27 August 2009, 18:47    #
  3. “Who rises from prayer a better man, his prayer is answered." ~George Meredith

    — George Meredith    27 August 2009, 21:19    #
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