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Corey's response to Kenda's response
2.12.10 by Buffalo Bill

It appears to be a case of: “I thought you were going to call me”. Now Kenda is fully aware of Marco’s dislike of his image used without permission and Marco is aware of Kenda’s willingness to settle the matter. Today Marco will call Kenda Tires.

I’ll forward the results of the coversation with Kenda later when I return from rolling around Manhattan.

I received a standard automatic email response from Shutterstock, the company that sold the photo to Kenda, saying a representative would directly reply at a later time. In the email I described the problem with Kenda and the existence of a release form signed by Marco.

I will also forward that response as well.

I notified S.v. Luma about the problem with Kenda, Shutterstock, Marco, the abscence of a release form, bikers who dislike being exploited. I await his response on Facebook.

Thanks for your assistance and letters to Kenda.

Corey the Courier
the pen is mightier than the sword…

  1. What a veteran tha VON is…Checkout his Shakespearean artwork on Shakespearean interactive…Dang!!! he’s 2 short of 60? makes me feel young again

    — Earle Lawrence    1 March 2011, 20:34    #
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