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CMWC update: 'more controversy than the Tour'
6.08.07 by Buffalo Bill

Gareth waves his arms

Well, I got back to London last night, but I can’t tell you who the winners are. According to their website, the CMWC XV organisers are faced with more controversy than the Tour De France.

It seems that the race officials feel that there is good grounds to disqualify two out of the top three finishers in the male section of the main race. Austin (NYC), who had been placed first, and Jumbo (Cope), who had been placed third, were apparently spotted breaking the race rules by vigilant check-point marshalls. If Austin’s DQ is confirmed, then Gareth (Berlin Massive) would be the 2007 Cycle Messenger World Champion.

As can be imagined by anyone who has participated in a messenger championships, the news of these impending DQs caused much arm-waving, finger-pointing and cursing in at least 3 languages. Jumbo was moved to break a wooden check-point sign on his head, much to the amusement of the spectators.

I was told that one (though not which one) of the Denver females is World Champion, so if Austin’s DQ is over-turned, then the US of A would have a double. This hasn’t happened since Lars and Yvonne rolled over the opposition like [insert Germanophobic cliche here]. Oh, and maybe Flip (Copetown) is Veteran World Champion.

Dublin 045

Most of the course was on parkland paths (not single-track!), so the heavy rain made the grassy descents somewhat treacherous. However, I saw precious few crashes, sad to say. The final looked very testing, and most people that I spoke to were happy not to have qualified. Regrettably, two Londoners ruined what would have been a third CMC whitewash for the crafty cockney couriers, Therese and Jos spoiling it for everyone by appearing on the start line amongst the finalists.

Hopefully, one of the Muppets still in Dub will let me know what the final result is. I know that my readers are gagging in anticipation.

Thanks to the Dub crew for staging the event. I had a great time whilst I was there, weather notwithstanding.

PS A big ‘cheers, fella’ to Ryanair, who bent my derailleur drop-out in transit. This happened after they charged me £15 and made me liable for any damage. Wankers.

  1. They’d hardly waste time busting up your bike if ‘they’ had to pay for it!

    hippy    6 August 2007, 21:50    #

    — delete me!    7 August 2007, 07:11    #
  3. Yea, I’m pretty sure Austin Won fair and square. Whatever the result, he’s still the world champ of 07!

    — Lars    7 August 2007, 07:31    #
  4. Been to two cmwc’s(97&06)-didn’t give a fuck who won either one-it’s much more about worldwide togetherness and all that sloppy drunken shit than actually taking the race seriously in any form!

    — Ronasaurus    8 August 2007, 04:51    #
  5. hear here to Ronasaurus comment.

    its about the gang not who won or cheated.

    yogi    8 August 2007, 12:06    #
  6. Shouldn’t we call it the big happy messenger jamboree then instead of the championships? Just like the boyscouts. Cooooool.

    — Jos    10 August 2007, 13:28    #
  7. great idea sjoske. messenger awareness day once a year sounds good to me. and a championships weekend every four years. maybe we can become olympic too? after all, it’s not about winning, innit.

    haute courier    10 August 2007, 14:31    #
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