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CMWC 2009 results?
24.09.09 by Buffalo Bill


Looking at this guy’s yfrog feed, it seems that JoJo and a Japanese guy called Juri are the new champs. Can’t make out how Erik Zo did in the cargo race.

Thanks to Joe Hendry for the spot.

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  1. RESULTS SORT OF All i can gather from this is that he didn’t come first, still first place went to a Bullitt rider so either way I’m happy!

    Ollie    25 September 2009, 09:46    #
  2. the japs one, 1st and 2nd, strange!
    weird finals, you think japanese are organized, what a mess, yes messenger style!

    — mikus    25 September 2009, 16:41    #
  3. Hey Mikus, are you saying that the Organizing Crew won? Did that ever happened?

    — douglas    27 September 2009, 03:07    #
  4. Eric had life catch up with him and didn`t make the mains, Beaver from Trackbikeshop in Copenhagen beat the trailer tow crew handily

    — Coach 1    28 September 2009, 21:43    #
  5. Australia won.. when you add up their placings in everything.
    alley cats, presence, results and all over action…

    ohh what a great time

    Tokyo Alley cat was awesome for me… as well as the food.. ooooh the food. The goldSprints where interesting.

    yogi    12 October 2009, 11:31    #
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