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Cycle Messenger World Championships 2008 - Toronto
29.01.07 by Buffalo Bill

So whilst I have been away, Toronto has bid for, and won, the right to host CMWC 2008. They have a myspace page. As some of you might know, or perhaps remember, Toronto hosted the third Cycle Messenger World Championships. I remember the event well. It was one of the most intense and rewarding weeks of my life. To get a flavour of what it was like, you could do worse than watch this doc off messville’s amazing collection of old messenger videos.

I haven’t been to a CMWC since 2002 (I think 10 consecutive was enough, don’t you?) but I might just make over the pond for that one.

How are decisions about CMWCs arrived at? It can be a very confusing process, but the official criteria of the International Federation of Bicycle Messenger Associations are here

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