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CMWC 2007 Pre-event in London
25.02.07 by Buffalo Bill

A weekend of fun and games with London’s funniest and gamest bicycle messengers is planned for the weekend before the 2007 Cycle Messenger World Championships, which are being held in Dublin.

For those of you planning to attend (I am sure that everyone, no matter what they wear or don’t wear, ride or don’t ride, will be welcome), more details will be available here, and no doubt on the London Bicycle Messenger Association web-site and hopefully on Selim’s blog too.

Get involved!
Those of you Londoners who wish to get involved in organising the events, (and once again, I am sure that everyone, whatever they wear or ride, will be welcomed) check this space.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome back Josh aka Il Muppetissimo. You have been much missed, no least by the Rollapaluza crew. And since you ask, where I am it’s 35 degrees C, sunny, the beach is golden and the beer is cold.

  1. Bill-what’s happening with the CMWC Pre-event planning meeting on saturday?

    — breaking away    1 March 2007, 18:42    #
  2. Check the forum, I’m away!

    — Bill    2 March 2007, 07:09    #
  3. i spoke to donna from kryptonite the other day,
    she asked me if i knew anyone from dublins organisers to contact regarding sponsorship. she’s expecting a call and has product/ sponsorship if they need it. can anyone let them know?

    also theres stuff for londons event too.

    drop me a line if anyon eneeds her number/ email.

    — sir nellington.....    5 March 2007, 10:11    #
  4. ahhhh donna. why do you do these dirty things to me.

    — royal doulton    13 March 2007, 11:30    #
  5. Is Josh Il Muppetissimo recently returned from Sydney town? (arsetralia)if so…Gday cnut!

    — paddy-    20 March 2007, 18:29    #
  6. Anybody know what dates the ride from London to the Dublin ferry is planned for? I’d like to plan my flight accordingly…

    Please email johnnymidwest@gmail.com

    johnnymidwest    31 March 2007, 23:59    #
  7. Josh says in his post on the forum:

    “Leave London Monday 30th July arrive Dublin Thursday 2nd August.”

    — Bill    1 April 2007, 20:58    #
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