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Clipboard located - results to follow
14.02.07 by Buffalo Bill

The thieves who stole my clip-board on Saturday at Raphapaluza, in what I can only imagine was a desperate attempt to conceal a disastrous performance on the rollers, have apparently relented and handed the clip-board back to a competent authority (actually Kaspar, but still…).

I will of course scrutinise the results sheets to ensure that any obvious deletions or alterations are corrected. No word yet on who the guilty party is, but the London ‘messenger’ team had the motive, opportunity and means…


I now have the results in my possession. However, not content with swiping the clip-board, the miscreants have also destroyed the male team qualifying times. Suffice to say that if the offender’s identities can be established beyond doubt, a 5 second handicap will be imposed at the next Rollapaluza.

Which leaves me to ask the question: who would have the greatest interest in ‘losing’ those results…?

  1. It was Kaspar he had them all along. He was trying to hide his disastrous performance

    — Jos    14 February 2007, 17:36    #
  2. Wait for the Open Race qualifying times Jos…........you can’t have been going flat out (again) eh?

    — Caspar    14 February 2007, 18:50    #
  3. Fortunately, I have been able to recover the missing document (at a good price too). Donkeys prepare to have your tails pinned on…

    — Bill    14 February 2007, 22:28    #
  4. so bill, where the f… are these results.

    how long does “to follow” mean then?

    — sir nellington.....    19 February 2007, 13:58    #
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