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City Police back-pedal on Seb's bike
16.10.05 by Buffalo Bill

LBMA Chair, Jon ‘Wingnut’ Knight, was recently the subject of City of London Police’s ‘safety lectures’ which the Square Mile Plod have offered as an alternative to a Fixed Penalty Notice for the normal trivial infractions. Whilst in Snow Hill Police Station, he could not help noticing the blue Cannondale which Sebastian Lukomski was riding at the time of his death. Further investigation revealed that the City Police regarded the twisted frame, which was crushed under the wheels of Terence Fallow’s tipper truck with Seb, as a suitable tool for the ‘re-education’ of cyclists. This despite the fact that Seb was breaking no laws at the time of the collision. In fact, it has been argued that if Seb had not stopped behind the stop line, or simply had run the light, he would still be alive today.

But the City of London as a whole is anti-cyclist, and blaming cyclists for getting run over and killed by larger vehicles fits in well to the Corporation’s anti-cyclist rhetoric as ranted to representatives of the LBMA, LCC and Roadpeace by members of the Corporation of London Street & Walkways Committee in 2004. However, Wingnut felt that the use of Seb’s bike in this way was grossly insensitive and organised a phone protest to the officer concerned. After several calls, the officer agreed that Seb’s bike would be withdrawn from display. ‘Nice one’ to everyone who called, especially a certain spinning courier…

The bad news is that the City of London Police have permission from the Lukomski family to use the CCTV footage of Seb’s death in any way the Police see fit.

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