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Chicago passes laws to protect cyclists
18.03.08 by Buffalo Bill

Remarkably, the City of Chicago has just enacted ‘a pack of… …bike-friendly laws passed by the council Wednesday’, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune headlined ‘Fines of up to $500 for motorists possible under new Chicago bicycle ordinance’. Dooring a cyclist is now illegal in Chi-town, which is good news.

The report mentions the awful and tragic death of Matt Manger-Lynch, killed by a SUV during an alleycat, but when asked about ‘the controversial behavior of some bike messengers’, Mayor Richard Daley, apparently a keen cyclist, came back with the following inscrutable quote:

“The bike messengers are a breed unto themselves,” Daley said, smiling as he spoke. “I got to meet a lot of them so I know a lot of them. They’ve got a job to do, and like anything else, they are respecting the laws on the road and all that, and the rules.” After his defense of messengers, the mayor added: “You have to be careful if you are reckless.”

Bizarre. But it’s nice to see that despite dire warnings from the Chicago media of precipitate action to rein in rogue cyclists, the Mayor has yet to jerk his knee publicly. Perhaps it’s because he once skinned it rather badly in a cycling event.

Perhaps we should make that the messenger motto:

You have to be careful, if you are reckless.

Or maybe :

He that is reckless,
let him first take care

What do you reckon?

Thanks to Michael for the spot.

  1. Good jorb, Mayor. This is actually refreshing. See what a big difference actually knowing what you’re talking about before you make laws can make?

    And I like the second motto.

    David    18 March 2008, 18:44    #
  2. I lived in Chicago for a while, it’s a cool city and the lakeshore bike /run and rollerblading path is something all cities should be envious of.

    — Alex Ball    20 March 2008, 17:33    #
  3. if you’re careful
    you’ll be reckless

    — zero cc    20 March 2008, 23:01    #
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