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Checkpoint monkey
12.09.08 by Buffalo Bill

This is well worth a read. And well worth blogging here, so that I can post the pic of Westcoast after the muff got ripped. The wax strip looked like an orange carpet tile that had been lightly dusted with gobbets of flesh.

One of the most stressful parts of organising an al**ycat is finding people prepared to man your checkpoints who are reliable enough to turn up on the correct night at the correct time and successfully station themselves at the correct place. Then you have to hope that they’ll not get bored and head back to the pub early, leaving the slower rookie racers circling an empty block for two hours, bottom lip quivering, getting more and more tearful before riding home alone in shame, maybe never to race again. These days I seem to be a pretty regular checkpoint monkey as, to be honest, I’m too old/scared/lazy to race anymore.

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