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Charlie and Sarah rule Rollapaluza X
26.01.08 by Buffalo Bill

Charlie's legs are a blur! pic Selimski

A massive messenger crowd thronged the Horseshoe as Rollapaluza stormed back to the birth-place of rock ‘n’ roller racing last night. Two new champions, Charlie, the fastest moustache in the West End, and Sarah, were crowned. Simon Jackson’s Rollapaluza record of 19.80 still stands, but Charlie’s fastest time of the night 19.91 shows that a messenger will surely take his spot at the top very soon.

Sarah pic: Roxy Erickson

Messengerpaluza Results Male
1. Charlie (Go-Betweens)
2. Janky James (Creative)
3. Overdrive (Metromuppet)

Messengerpaluza Results Female
1. Sarah (Citysprint)
2. Caz (some question as to whether she is actually a working messenger, but she claimed to be a Pink rider)
2. Chandra
3. Muna

Caz provisionally dq-ed pending clarification of messengerness. This is the first ever dq at a Rollapaluza. Let’s hope it will be the last.

With £500 in cash prizes, and Moving Target t-shirts too, the winners, officially the spin kings and queens of London cycle couriers, went home well rewarded; the crowd went home thrilled and exhausted.

Extra special mention to Overdrive. This man is even older than me. So old that fossils have been known to mistake him for their dad. At Rollapaluza IX he posted a time so slow it would have embarrassed a donkey on valium. But look at that: he is third, and faster by 5 seconds. Which shows that roller-racing is a skill that can be learnt. Check this Overdrive training video on Jono’s blog. Respect to Overdrive. You old cnut.

More results, pics on the official Rollapaluza site. There is a comprehensive and extensive report on the drinking competition from the acknowledged masters of the art at House of Pistard. Many thanks to the Rollapaluza crew and the DJs (Erik Zo, Sleepy and Stevie Russell). Here’s hoping that there will be many more nights of messenger mayhem at the most welcoming pub in Clerkenwell. Wasn’t it nice to be asked back by a land-lord?

Selim’s excellent pictures of Rollapaluza X.

  1. Big thanks to Caspar and Winston that was a wicked night.

    — Mikey    26 January 2008, 10:43    #
  2. Official results, report and pics is now up (at last!)


    winston    26 January 2008, 20:09    #
  3. Christ,am I really older than B*ll?
    If I am then the years have not been kind to him.Maybe this can be settled on the rollers……?

    — olderdrive    27 January 2008, 16:38    #
  4. ha ha! Do we have our first realfakenger?!?!?

    — scuzzy    29 January 2008, 19:35    #
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