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Catford Courier Hill Climb for 2008?
26.09.07 by Buffalo Bill

The Catford Hill Climb is Britain’s oldest hill climb event. Held 111 times since 1887, it can justifiably claim to be the blue riband of hill climbs. It is taking place on 21st October, on Yorks Hill, which is near Ide Hill, Sevenoaks.

This year the organisers, Catford C.C., are introducing a ‘have-a-go’ entry. Priced at £6, this will allow any and all wanna-be kings and queens of the hill to ride this prestigious event. Catford C.C. intend to promote a ‘London courier hill-climb championship’ in 2008. If there is sufficient interest from couriers in the ‘have-a-go’ section, this will go ahead. The prize-list for this year’s event totals £1450, so there could be a rich reward for getting out of bed on a Sunday morning. Fixies are welcome, of course, and, with the correct gear, would be perfect for tackling the hill.

More details on the ‘have-a-go’ race here. Therese’s feature on the event is here.

There is a ride to the hill climb, organised by Rapha, leaving from Honduras Street, EC1. The event can also be accessed by train from Sevenoaks.

  1. Count me in. My iron legs will brake any challenger in 2.

    — Zack Speedfast    26 September 2007, 10:13    #
  2. Absolutely wicked event to watch…totally recommend it!

    my pics from last years event here:


    Winston    26 September 2007, 16:27    #
  3. superb!

    Hill climbing is what got me riding a fixed wheel in the frst place, Think my knees can still take 58 inches.

    Presumably ex-engers don’t qualify for the courier race next year so ‘ave a go it shall be.

    — nomoreknees    27 September 2007, 20:10    #
  4. Sadly, I won’t be attending.

    but I will, however, be laying in a jaccuzi, somewhere in barbados, smoking a green trumpet and sucking on the ample teats of several nubile young ladies..

    Of course, I’ll be thinking of you fellows whilst I’m there.

    — Swiss Tony    28 September 2007, 22:18    #
  5. this looks pretty cool. anyone organising a 100+ miles ride to an historical event like this deserves a bit of coverage i suppose, i haven’t got the hat though. And we’ll have to see about that hill after 100 miles, see it from the bar maybe?

    — Dazzling    30 September 2007, 20:54    #
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