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Catch-up: HoP blames me for everything, Frankencat 30th October, Cyclodelic at White Nights, Fixed book
22.10.09 by Buffalo Bill

Bride of Frankencat - 30th October, at the Foundry

At the end of this year, it will be 10 years since I last worked full-time as a messenger. Also, Moving Target is 21 years old this year, which gives one food for thought. Anyway, over at House of Pistard, Xander is blaming me for everything, yet again, and also spreading news of London’s contribution to the global Hallowe’en Alleycat madness, the Bride of Frankencat, which is taking place next Friday 30th October at the Foundry, as well as flogging the long awaited ‘Cannibal’ shirts.

Cyclodelic's Wheels of Fortune flier

Coming up this weekend is the ‘White Nights’ festival in Brighton. Cyclodelic, which is the clothing brand started by exenger Sarah Buck and Amy Fleuriot, are participating in ‘Wheels of Fortune’ fashion show, and another female exenger, Xanthe, is participating in the show. Sounds like fun!

Just before I went on my hols to Mallorca (since you ask, the weather was pretty good, the roads in centre of the island are perfect for nice, easy-paced riding, and I discovered a new tipple called ‘Herbes’, which slips down very nicely after a hearty meal), I heard that a new coffee table book called ‘Fixed’ (don’t yawn at the back) is out.

It’s by Max Leonard and Andrew Edwards, and documents ‘global fixed-gear culture’. I vaguely remember talking to these guys, and it seems that there is a pull quote from me saying something like the whole fixie thing is literally reinventing the wheel, which, typically, I can’t remember saying at all, but does sound like the sort of pompous nonsense that comes out of my mouth… …anyway, the book features Nelson Vails, Graeme Obree, Squid, Eddie Williams, and a whole heap of glossy pics of fixed-wheel bicycles, some of which are being ridden by people. The publisher’s blurb is here.

  1. blah blah.. something about herpes.. blah blah.. something about fakengers.. etc. etc.

    — sideshow    22 October 2009, 12:03    #
  2. Oi Bill,piss off back to LFGSS.It was alright here ‘till you came back!

    — overdrive    22 October 2009, 16:44    #
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