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Cashapaluza! £500 in prizes!
10.01.08 by Buffalo Bill

The crazy guys at Rollapaluza have guaranteed a prize fund of £500 for Rollapaluza X, Friday 25th January at the Horseshoe, Clerkenwell Close. Entry is £4, and working bicycle messengers race free.

Exengers, messenger friends, cycle enthusiasts and other thrill-seekers are welcome to come and watch the fun. Remember: it’s a scientific fact that roller-racers ride faster when their name is being screamed at them by one or more persons.

The first Alleycat of 2008 is taking place the same night, starting at 7.30, and the top 8 male messenger finishers will qualify direct to the finals as top seeds, along with the top 2 females.

There will also be a Rollercat cash prize of £50 for the best combined performance in the two events. This new competition is yet another London courier first.

Confused? Don’t be. It’s a bumper night of messenger action, with heaps and heaps of CASH being thrown around by those mad-cap exengers at Rollapaluza.

In totally unrelated news, House of Pistard announce that they are good-for-nothing, idle lay-abouts, in need of a decent hair-cut, a change of clothes and a work ethic. Where’s my t-shirts, you dead-beats?

  1. Seeing as there’s bugger all work at the moment could n’t those nice people at rollapaluza (except casper)lower the door fee to £0.00? It would be lovely gesture guys,thanx.(I predict you’ll say no so f*ck you in advance)

    — overdrive    15 January 2008, 10:14    #
  2. Overdone, stop your moaning. You get to race for nout.

    Why don’t you dress like a woman and enter the womans race, you might stand a chance of coming 2nd……….or not.

    — caspar    15 January 2008, 20:12    #
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