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Cars suck!
28.11.07 by Buffalo Bill

Ryan took this message very much to heart. And now he’s facing deportation. OK, it wasn’t a bright thing to do, but it happened. Violence is the last refuge of the incompentent, someone once said. Fighting in the street is not something I believe in, and I don’t condone what Ryan did. But hey, it’s done. And now Ryan must pay the bill of £1000, or face deportation.

If you prefer to see colonials back in the colonies, then do nothing. But if you think that Ryan is a nice guy who had a rush of blood brought on by a rude and careless driver and now regrets it, then you could do worse than buy one of these fantastic shirts from House of Pistard.

All the proceeds will go to paying off the bill.


Nice story from Andy White about the wisdom, or otherwise, of confrontation in the street here.

  1. i’ll take 5… and still hope ryan gets deported.

    — safa brian    28 November 2007, 17:48    #
  2. if Winston buys one then so will i…

    — aido    28 November 2007, 18:43    #
  3. Arsehole Wednesday.. every fscker and his blind dog behind the wheel today. My arm was sore from flippin’ off morons who think they have more right to the road than me. Toss fiends. Every one of them waiting to have a mirror launched or a bike through a windscreen. God damn today sucked!
    I want, nie, NEED one of these shirts.. and a sawn-off shotgun but that’s probably a bit trickier..

    hippy    28 November 2007, 19:54    #
  4. i’m down. that design rocks! i shall live out my inner fantasties through it. :)

    — lurkette    29 November 2007, 12:52    #
  5. This is such a good idea. everything you buy these days ends up being change in some top fat cats pocket. But this one time the money goes straight to a guy who did something that i spend more time thinking about than sex.

    — ssslucas    29 November 2007, 14:36    #
  6. Seeing as Pistard has broken the law, and is now in contempt of court, AND impugning my integrity to boot:

    Ryan lost it cos the Merc driver deliberately drove into his back wheel. Whilst it may not excuse Ryan’s behaviour, it’s clear that Ryan’s reaction was provoked.

    — Bill    29 November 2007, 18:18    #
  7. violence is sometimes the only answer to violence….so the ones who start will one day find out that they are not untouchable….and that people sometimes fight back….pacifism as pathology…..pacifist,reasonable,
    competent or scarred shitless????

    — brkn_77    30 November 2007, 12:14    #
  8. Violence solves all conflicts. If your opponent is no longer able to oppose then you have won the point.
    Whether this is a valid long term strategy is open to debate.
    In terms of car/cycle interfaces: lamp the bastard on the chin then pedal like fury!

    — yanuf Yatar    1 December 2007, 10:06    #
  9. i’ll have one please?

    nanosan    2 December 2007, 06:26    #
  10. grasshopper, get out before the man gets you!

    tofu    4 December 2007, 21:17    #
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