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Cargo bikes on the Los Angeles Times web-site
2.10.08 by Buffalo Bill

Following on from coverage in the New York Times, and the Bike Show, this article on cargo-bikes appeared in Bottleneck Blog, which is part of the LA Times web-site.

The necessity for cargo bikes is as old as bike culture itself. Since the early part of the last century, cargo bikes have moved things around the city. A little sub-cultural group formed rather quickly in cities, namely ‘svejerne’. They muscled their heavily-laden cargo bikes through the streets and were known for their rowdy tone and for whistling at girls. Half a century before the modern bike messengers.

My Dad was a messenger boy during World War II, fetching fruit and vegetables from the market and transporting them back to the green grocer’s where he worked. The two most widespread bikes were the Long John and the Short John – or Chimney Sweep bike. Both designs are almost a century old.

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