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Cargo bikes on the Bike Show
18.09.08 by Buffalo Bill

Do the rising oil price, the growing concern about man-made climate change and breakthroughs in cycle design mean we’re on the verge of a pedal-powered cargo revolution? Discussing the past, present and future of cargo bikes and pedicabs is Leslie Wacker, a Chicago native who placed second in the cargo bike race at this year’s World Cycle Messenger Championships. We also hear from Mark, controller at from Zero Couriers, London’s first and only dedicated cargo bike courier company about the challenges his company has faced convincing potential commercial clients to choose pedal-powered cargo delivery.

Listen here.

  1. you guys and gals ought to start thinking about jumping on this bandwagon soon… specially those who feel they might be reaching the end of their messenger career.

    — zero    18 September 2008, 18:01    #
  2. OOI, what are the options these days for cargo bikes with the load behind the rider? Brox, 8 Freight, ?

    Forward-facing speakers are just going to deafen the rider

    Dan    18 September 2008, 20:33    #
  3. the brox is a lovely machine, but not for despatching. the 8 freight is the bollox. take it from me – i know what i’m talking about.

    — zero    18 September 2008, 21:41    #
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