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6.09.09 by Buffalo Bill

My old mate, and former Moving Target columnist, Aunty Nasty popped in for a cuppa and a chat over the weekend. If you know Nasty, you know that he is the possessor of more gaudy bicycle trinkets than the average fixie boutique. 8 bikes, only one of which has variable gears. What a flaming hipster.

Just look at this thing. He claims to have ridden this ‘on the boards’, but I bet it gets 100 times more miles to and from the bar than it ever does on the track. If you like this kind of over-priced nonsense, then you will probably love the stuff that is sold at Cantgoslo, a web-site dedicated to all this sort of thing.

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  1. fucking hell man come on thats old news man

    — lee    6 September 2009, 19:58    #
  2. Actually, it just does the few yards from the rail station to the bar and back…

    — zero    6 September 2009, 20:02    #
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